Travelling across the world and the colors

I was born in Albania and since I was little I moved to Italy. The continuous movements of my family have led me to adapt to any environment, thus developing a great tenacity, but above all a lot of imagination. So I began to see not only shapes, but also colors in the world and growing up I was able to apply it to my art, that is painting.

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My Painting

The choice of acrylic

Initially my first sketches were done in pencil, then I approached acrylic and the study of brush techniques. My biggest inspiration was Vincent Van Gogh especially in the choice of colors and intensity of the painting. There is never a definitive form, and in fact my technique continues to evolve and I always want to experiment with new possibilities.

Not only Paintings

Engage me for room restiling

At the age of 35 I was hired by an entrepreneur who wanted renovate the family property and change it to a Bed & Breakfast.

He had seen my first works and we talked a lot about art, about colors. We chose the name of the business activity together and I personally took care of every artistic detail on the property.

You can contact me for a consultation or for your idea and work together to develop it and make it art.